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EV employment rate up at 95.5% in July 2022

EV employment July 2022

By PSA-8
October 27, 2022

TACLOBAN CITY – The Employment Rate (ER) in Eastern Visayas in July 2022 was estimated at 95.5 percent. This translates to 2.01 million employed persons out of the 2.11 million persons in the labor force. This was higher by about 182 thousand employed persons than the 1.83 million employed persons reported in April 2022. This was also higher by 2.1 percentage points compared with the 93.4 percent ER in July 2021.

The region registered a Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR) of 65.0 percent in July 2022. This placed the region’s labor force at 2.11 million persons who were either employed or unemployed out of the estimated 3.24 million population 15 years old and over in July 2022. The 65.0 percent LFPR was higher by 5.0 percentage points than the LFPR in April 2022 posted at 60.0 percent. This means that the labor force in July 2022 was stronger by around 161 thousand persons than the 1.95 million persons in the labor force in April 2022. Moreover, the LFPR was higher by 4.5 percentage points compared with the 60.5 LFPR in the same period in 2021.

Eastern Visayas’ unemployment rate has improved at 4.5 percent in July 2022, lower by 1.5 percentage points compared with the 6.0 percent unemployment rate recorded in April 2022. This was equivalent to around 96 thousand persons in the labor force who were unemployed in July 2022, lower by 20 thousand unemployed persons compared with the 116 thousand unemployed persons in April 2022. The unemployment rate in July 2022 was also 2.1 percentage points lower than the unemployment rate in July 2021 at 6.6 percent.

The underemployment rate in Eastern Visayas was posted at 16.0 percent or 322 thousand persons out of the 2.01 million employed persons in July 2022. The latest underemployment rate has improved compared with the underemployment rate in July 2021 posted at 27.3 percent. However, it is slightly higher by 1.2 percentage points than the April 2022 underemployment rate of 14.8 percent.