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Beyond Headlines: Global journalists united for peace journalism amidst the challenges of the unstable international situation

peace journalism workshop

By HWPL-Philippines
February 19, 2024

MANILA – On 17th February, the international peace organization, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), hosted an online event with approximately 160 media persons from 49 countries in attendance. This year, HWPL International Workshop on Peace Journalism marked the publication of its 2nd journal, ‘Peace Journalism Studies’, produced in cooperation with 9 journalists worldwide.

With the theme of “Media Perspective on Conflict Resolution,” this event aimed to share the ideas of peace journalism, bring out the collective voice of the international network of media for peace, and suggest future action plans to appeal to people around the globe to instill peace in their minds. Among the contributors, 6 speakers delivered addresses on the role of media in building peace, peace-related issues, peace journalism and global security.

Innocent Yuh, Regional coordinator of Cameroon Association of Media Professionals (CAMP) South West Region Cameroon, pointed out the need for discussion on peace journalism. “In navigating the delicate tapestry of conflict and discord, Peace Journalism emerges as a beacon of clarity, an instrument of empathy, and a catalyst for meaningful change. Peace Journalism unfolds as a conduit for open dialogue, providing platforms for varying perspectives, and cultivating a deep engagement with the multifaceted nature of conflict a resolution,” he said.

Emphasizing the importance of the code of ethics for peace journalism, Hendry Nursal, Editor-in-Chief of, stated, “Journalists must be able to be present at the events. We cannot deny that the media must strive to be in a position to remain a source of correct information and present it professionally according to rules such as code of ethics. This ensures that journalists are responsible in their profession, specifically searching for and presenting information.”

Ihor Shevyrov, Journalist and Lawyer of Ukraine, appealed to the participants on the role of peace journalism in creating foundation for resolving the conflict. “The war in Ukraine poses threats to the entire global security. It should also be emphasized that not only states are influential "players" in strengthening global security. This is also the interest of civil society and civil society institutions. Peace journalism helps to establish communications between parties in conflict,” he said.

Lok Bahadur Chaudhary, Founder Publisher and Editor of, suggested practical approach by journalists for peacebuilding by saying, “We not only raise awareness but also inspire individuals to actively engage in the pursuit of peace, hastening the realization of a peaceful world. Regular reporting of global peace events should be a monthly endeavor in each country.”

Regarding the positive role of social media by individuals for peacebuilding, Oral Ofori, Founder of TheAfricanDream Company, said, “Social media enables people from different cultures and backgrounds to engage with one another directly. Interactions on these digital platforms, when used positively, can foster a global community that works collectively towards peace and mutual understanding. Grassroots reports have brought attention to conflicts that might have otherwise gone unnoticed or unreported.”

“By 2022, 60% of the public believes that the news they receive contains bias or even disinformation. In its meaning and principles, peace journalism is a journalism practice that aims to minimize conflict, promote dialogue, and help build peace in society. HWPL is the only international non-governmental organization that calls on all media to promote peace,” said Rana Setiawan, Chief Reporter of Mira Islamic News Agency (MINA).

The host organization, HWPL, is globally engaged in initiatives not only in journalism but also in peace education, interfaith dialogue, youth and women's activities, and the establishment of an international law for peace. As HWPL continues to champion peace journalism, the event resonates as a call for a media effort, urging all media outlets to embrace their role in fostering a world united in pursuit of lasting peace.